A Haunting - Season 5, Episode 10
  • Episode Title: Death's Door
  • Episode Run Time: 60
  • Episode Air Date: 2012-12-14 22:00
  • Episode Summary: Victoria Dane never thought death would feel this way…like falling through an endless black void…until BAM…she's shocked back to life. Victoria awakens to learn that she was accidently overdosed before an emergency surgery and flat-lined for more than seven minutes.While recovering at home, she starts to notice unusual occurrences. She thinks it must be her medicine wearing off. But then, after moving to New Mexico to be with her family, those "unusual occurrences" evolve into full-bodied physical attacks. With the help of a local investigation company,Victoria comes to realize that the supernatural activity she is experiencing stems from her near-death experience. She fears that she's opened a door to a paranormal world that can never be shut.