A Haunting - Season 4, Episode 3
  • Episode Title: The Calling
  • Episode Run Time: 60
  • Episode Air Date: 2007-08-24 22:00
  • Episode Summary: We all have secrets. Some of us hide things from our friends to avoid embarrassment. Others keep things from our loved ones because we fear they will think less of us.Rebecca's new life seems to be off to a wonderful start. Recently, she married Daniel-a kind and loving man who treats her two children as if they were his own. But Rebecca's secret threatens to break up their happy home. Since childhood, she has been able to see and hear spirits but has blocked out their attempts to communicate. She has withheld this secret from everyone-even Daniel. But a few short months into their marriage, a ghost emerges who refuses to be ignored.Unable to avoid the restless soul, Rebecca must put her trust in her new husband and enlist his help in her quest to find answers.